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Springwall Learning Solutions (SLS)

  • A U.S. tax-exempt, public charitable foundation that encompasses a holistic model to resourcefully develop human potential in education, compassion, rehabilitation, entrepreneurship, Community Centered Corporative, recreationally, financially, and through family centered mentoring.

  • Facilitate access to education opportunities by using strategic viable programs to transforms individuals and communities.

  • Uses learning, research, and experience to add value. Furthermore, SLS invests in higher education to expand the local talents that is needed to relieve the local communities out of poverty and enhance the local economy.

Goal #1:

The goal of this entrepreneurial and project based organization is to use research to enhance STEM career development and education by fostering student learning process, transforming lives, and strengthening the local economy.


Goal #2:

In the Urban Cities of United States, SLS promotes the understanding of STEM education among minorities and provide consulting services to schools, corporations, religious organizations, and minority organizations, the cultural impact of project based education and to encourage personal educational responsibility, enabling them to become integrated and good contributors members of their local communities.

In Africa, and Caribbean, SLS fosters the building of STEM schools that will further provide access to Technological, Industrial, and Entrepreneurial education in deprived communities. 

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