Inspiring Innovation in Education

GForce STEM Center

2 Years Pre-College, Pre-Tech, Vocational/Industrial Education

Healthcare & Life Sustainability

We are bringing the best-in-class educational tools to schools and communities. We use Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Pathways to provide an easy-to-implement solution for delivering early engagement and team work strategies for middle and high school students. We use robotics, 3D printing, energy systems, and transportation systems to help students to see the connection between STEM and the world around problem solving.

Provides consultation and industry standard site based training for school experiential education centers, transforming, and empowering the next generation STEM workforce through project-based entrepreneurial education. We leverage our experience in the educational field to help students to obtain funds, obtain job embedded internship, sponsors, mentors,  and implement result oriented programs. Program and curriculum are developed for Career and Technology Education (CTE).

We use design research based programs to enhance STEM career development and education by fostering student learning process, transforming lives, and strengthening the local economy.

We provide workshops, training and professional development for educators and administrators. Furthermore, we create partnerships with community colleges, universities, partnerships with industry, local, and governmental parastatals to foster STEM skills.


Pursue a policy of providing a bridge of understanding between Inner cities Of United States, Africans, Caribbean’s, aso that working as partners in progress, the two parties to catalyze speedy development healthcare and life sustainability of these people.

Higher ED Learning Solution