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Summer  STEM Manufacturing Interns 

George Shelton is a rising senior at ESUMS. He enjoys researching cost effective drone and robotics projects. He worked in the original (Yo)unity bot program which took place last summer. After its success he and others continued improving the project creating the (Yo)unity bot 2.0. This summer George is excited to use the knowledge he has gained since 1.0 to give (Yo)unity bot its biggest programming and electrical upgrade yet!

Donavon Chisolm is a rising senior in the school of ESUMS, and plans to extend his education to pursue his engineering career. Donavon attended this program because he has a passion for engineering and plans  to make connections to get his work noticed. Donavon does excellent work researching affordable electrical and mechanical components so that the (Yo)unity Bot can be as accessible as possible. Donavon works in the electrical and mechanical groups within this program.

Bryce is a rising senior at the Engineering & Science School. In his free time he builds drones and researches different technology components to future things he plans to build. He aspires to become a mechanical engineer, thus choosing to partake in the mechanical role this summer.  He looks forward to gaining new knowledge about simple mechanical components as he plans to build the (Yo)unity Bot 3.0

Drew Rivera is a student at Gateway Community College who has been working in the CPEP program. Once he heard about this opportunity he immediately took it. Drew is part of the PR team this year at The New Haven Ventures CPEP program. He looks forward to working on and making the best robot the program has ever seen. All of his peers are a huge help in this process and have been helping him learn quickly and efficiently.  Although Drew still has a lot to learn, he is ready to excel in any task given to him.

Cameron Cordaway is a rising junior at East Haven High School; she is involved in athletics, as well as other extracurricular activities, and is the treasurer of her class. She wants to pursue a career in the medical field. She enjoys participating in STEM programs to further her knowledge. Cameron is currently a part of the PR Team for the New Haven Ventures CPEP program. She is looking forward to helping create a new and improved robot. She is enjoying the experience and is glad to have the opportunity to continue her learning .

Jamasia Williams is a rising sophomore at the University of Connecticut. During her summer break she accepted an opportunity that was offered to her, which was to be apart of the New Haven Ventures CPEP program. Currently, she is a member of the mechanical team. Throughout her high school years she had an interest for science and engineering. Jamasia hopes to revive her interest in science and engineering and hopes that a new career path in engineering sparks while participating.

Erica Jones is a rising senior at the Engineering & Science University Magnet School. This summer she played the role of the Public Relations leader of the (Yo)unity bot 3.0. This job consisted of detailed research and notes in formulating parts for this innovation, updating websites, and capturing the process of the electrical, programming, and mechanical groups. Erica enjoys designing and remodeling websites while being an advocate for STEM programs. 

Mikayla Osumah, 17, will be attending ESUMS High School as a senior in Fall 2017. She is double tasking as a Public Relations Officer and a Programmer. She has past experience with both fields as she learned to code during the school year 2016-17 and she is a cofounder of MT4D which allowed her to present to many local businesses and form business partnerships. She has played softball for JHHS in the spring since 9th grade. She is excited about what knowledge she will gain from and what she can contribute to this program.

Tyler McCarthy is a sophomore at Regional Career high school in New Haven. Tyler plays basketball for Regional Career high and wants to study sports agenting. Tyler is currently a part of the PR group for  the New Haven Ventures summer program. Tyler hopes this program will help him gain ideas about running his own sports agenting business.

Pedro Martinez is a rising Sophomore at Southern Connecticut State University. Currently majoring Business Management but will be switching over to I.T. His interests include playing soccer, hanging out with friends, going to the beach and traveling. He graduated from Notre Dame of West Haven. Pedro is apart of the Programming team this year at The New Haven Ventures CPEP program. Pedro is very enthusiastic of his work and has a passion for technology.  

Jeff Wynne is a rising senior at Notre Dame Highschool. He wants to go to school for accounting and financing in Massachusetts. This summer he is playing a role in the public relations group at CPEP Ventures in New Haven, where he works closely with the electrical aspects of the (Yo)unity bot 3.0.

Ariana Lopez is a rising senior at ESUMS in West Haven. She’s a part of the programming team for the Arduino robot 3.0. She has a passion for writing and architecture. She’s hoping that during this summer internship for CPEP, she’ll be more prepared to go into engineering and learn more ways to code.

Logan Colberg is a rising junior at ESUMS in which he has attended since the sixth grade. He has been a part of the GForce STEM club and Robotics team 5142 for one year where he has learned the mechanical aspects of robots and tools alike. He will be using his experience from the past year to help work with Yo(unity) Bots mechanical team. He is very excited to be able to start working with robots again and gather more experience through the continuation of this years internship.

Luis Daniel Diaz, 18, will be attending Gateway community college this fall. He is determined to one day become a High school Counselor. He is new to this internship and everything that involves mechanics. However, he is very excited to learn more about this subject. He is now currently in the the electrical group, in which he helps the team innovate the (Yo)unity bot 3.0 while learning along the way.

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