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Alumni Interns

Danayit Mekonnen

Danayit Mekonnen was part of the internship that started the G-Force STEM club where she worked on the mechanical aspect of the robot as well as the cost analysis. She currently serves on the Advisory Board of the club and is working on implementing the (Yo)unity Bot into middle schools in the New Haven and Meriden CT areas. 

Danayit is extremely passionate about astrophysics, aerospace engineering and robotics. Besides G-Force STEM and school work, she builds competitive robots and serves as the Captain of the ESUMS FRC ( First Robotics Competition) team.

Austin Cepalia

Austin is one of the founding members of the GForce STEM Club. He currently works on the (Yo)unity Bot, handling the software/programming side of project development. He also creates all the online resources, and he hosts the instructional videos.

Austin is passionate about engineering, software development, digital media, and robotics. When he's not working on the STEM Club or schoolwork, he produces videos for his YouTube channel, where he uses Arduino and Raspberry Pi systems to teach programming to 1,800+ subscribers

George Shelton

George is one of the founding members of the STEM club. He’s very passionate about electrical engineering, which is why he is currently working on the electrical systems behind the (Yo)unity Bot. George does excellent work researching affordable electrical components so that the (Yo)unity Bot can be as accessible as possible. Like his group mates, George attends an engineering magnet high school.

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