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Our Teams

Public Relations

Throughout this summer, the Public Relations team captured the processes of other teams, learned a new video editing software, and provided an online presence for the program. They cross trained with other teams to learn the electrical, programming, and mechanical aspects of the Yo(unity) Bot 3.0. They were taught how to edit videos with a higher production value by Gforce Stem member, Austin Cepalia. He taught them how to use Adobe Premiere to construct their weekly videos. The public relations group excelled in learning how to sell their product to customers, so that the Yo(unity) bot 3.0 could begin the process of mass production. 


The Electrical Team began this program by reviewing the critics of Yo(unity) Bot 2.0  in regards to the electrical system. They then began brainstorming and intensive research on solutions. After creating wire diagrams and prototypes of      (Yo)unity bot 3.0, they moved into a cross training of members of the Public Relations and Mechanical team members on basic electrical systems and programming.


The Programming team started this summers program by review the Arduino coding language and working with Bluetooth connectivity. They then began creating an app of the (Yo)unity bot 3.0 which would provide a graphical user interface to control the (Yo)unity bot 3.0. After creating and uploading the app the programming team began working with the Ultrasonic sensor for using it in autonomous movement of the (Yo)-unity bot.


The mechanical team spent the first portion of the program designing a base model for the (Yo)unity bot 3.0. by coming up with a new way to innovate the (Yo)unity bot 2.0. They taught themselves how to use mechanical equipment such as: a drill press, a band saw, and belt sander. They cross trained with other groups learning how the electrical and programming aspects of the bot work, so that they can construct the bot to cater to essential parts. During the second portion of the program they finalized a child friendly design for the (Yo)unity bot 3.0 and began the process of mass production.

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