STEM Academy Modules

Center for STEM Experiential Learning / Pathways

Tech Career programs for Technology and Engineering Institutions.

Vision: Transforming the local economy with entrepreneurial and project based education.

Mission Statement: Infusing STEM into all part of the economic disciplines.


Some of our major projects are on the way to be implemented by the two state governments.


Our Robotics Network project, Dream Robotics, STEM Institute, and National Robotics competition are now implemented. 

KEY Projects


•       Robotics Engineering

•       Robotics Engineering Technology (Certificate / Diploma Program)

•       Dream Industrial Robotics (Certificate / Diploma Program)

•       Bio-Technical Engineering

•       Bio-Medical Engineering

•       Green Energy & Electronics Technology (Certificate / Diploma Program)

•       Computer Engineering Technology (Diploma program)

•       Web and Online Classroom Design

•       Digital Portfolio & Multi-Media Technology

•       Aviation / Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Certificate / Degree Program)

•       Private Pilot Training  (Diploma Program)

•       Instrumentation & Control Technologies (Certificate / Diploma Program)

•       Engineering Business Technology (Certificate
•       Bio- Fuel Engineering (Certificate / Diploma Program)

•       Power Generation (Certificate / Diploma Program)

•       Small Engine Technology (Certificate / Diploma Program)

•       Advanced Manufacturing Technology (Certificate / Diploma Program)