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Skill Acquisition and Empowerment Program  - Mbaise Community, Nigeria



Global Mission:  

To educate, transform, and empower socially and economically underserved communities of the world.

Goal #1:

The goal of this entrepreneurial and project-based organization is to use research to enhance STEM career development, Skills Training, and education by fostering student learning processes, transforming lives, and strengthening the local economy. 


Nation Building: Your sense of National Identity - A creed shared beliefs of community in the form of fixed formula. We call for sponsorship and partnership.

Mbaise Empowerment 2.0 Sponsorship. Platinum, Diamond, Good, Silver, & Bronze Awards.

To know more, e-mail:

We thank you for  partnership and given on this project.

3 Ways To Give:


Address: 157 Church Street, New Haven CT, 06515. 

Phone number: (203) 716-1426

Hair making class
Farming class
Hair making class
Basic business ethics class
"A Skill for Every Youth" T-shirt
Paint making class
Computer class
Hair making class
Confectionary class

Women learn to make bread, medicine, and bleach!

Watch students learn about basic electrical work and wiring. The age range spans from youth to adult, as everyone can find these skills useful and necessary in their daily lives. 
Please consider sponsoring us for this mission!


Learn more about the Skill Acquisition Center
The 14 programs:
1. Solar Energy
2. Basic Electronics
3. Mobile Phone Repair
4. Computer Appreciation
5. Cabinetry (Cabinet Works)
6. Landscaping
7. Confectionaries
8. Chemicals
9. Cosmetology
10. Film-Video Production
11. Cyber Technologies
12. Farming
13. Foot Wears and Belt Production
14. Hair Making


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